One of the skills Master Okazaki was credited with having learned was throwing the Spanish dirk. Unfortunately, other than a mention of this fact, I have never observed or even heard claims that he passed this knowledge on to anyone (and I would be happy to hear from anyone who has knowledge of the contrary). My interest in this subject began with my exposure to it beginning in 1997 while studying with Prof. Ancho. He convinced me of the practical combat application possibilities of these skills, and he taught me some basic skills, primarily in the area of machete throwing. From this beginning, I have developed an interest and continued to study; most recently I have studied with world class, professional knife thrower John Bailey who has helped me greatly both in the areas of technique and broadening my horizons. John, in turn, introduced me to Joe Darrah, world class thrower and knife maker, who continues to teach and aid me in these endeavors. As a result of my studies, I believe this body of knowledge should be preserved in the same systematic manner that Master Okazaki gave us as a guide for further use. Therefore, I have begun to include the following instruction in my teachings of the Kodenkan/Dan Zan Ryu jujitsu system as a part of my weapons instruction.

Basic Throwing Techniques: overhand throwing from set/known distances; from varying distances; principles of rotation.

1. Double bladed axe
3. Knife

1. Underhand throwing: backspin and straight
2. Scalping throw
3. Backhand throw
4. Blade throw
5. Close range throw
6. All skills ambidexterous

1.Throwing 2 (or more) weapons at once
2.Throwing other weapons: machete, shaken, shuriken, torpedo, etc.
3. Throwing field expedient weaponry: kitchen, steak, and paring knives; axes; nails; scissors; credit cards; tire irons; screwdrivers; shovels; etc.

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