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Lessons From the Old Masters by Gary Lescak

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Kappo - Sappo Cure or Kill by Gary Lescak

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Kodenkan - DanZan Ryu Ju-Jitsu
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The main purpose of the complete program of instruction at the Martial Arts Academy is to teach you to face and defeat a trained, professional fighter, armed and unarmed. In order to accomplish this, you will learn throwing, joint-locking, grappling, and striking as well as weapon's usage. You will receive exposure to, and instruction in, a variety of martial arts in order to provide you with this broad combat utility. While all martial arts traditions share certain customs and practices, they each demonstrate different attitudes, philosophies and techniques. Ju-Jitsu is an ancient form of self-defense, both unarmed and armed, as well as a systematic approach to self-development. Since its essential principle is JU, which means to yield, adapt, or be flexible under adverse circumstances, ju-jitsu arts depend upon balance, leverage and momentum. This means that the important factors in fighting become experience, knowledge, and cunning instead of youth, speed, and strength. In practical terms, this differentiates Eastern martial arts from Western traditions such as boxing; that is, the 60 year old boxer with 50 years of experience is no match for the 30 year old boxer with 20 years of experience. The opposite is the case in Eastern martial arts. There are some abilities that only many years of practice can provide.

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The Kodenkan Dan Zan Ryu Video Series Featuring Ramon Lono Ancho and The Secret Scrolls
Shinrai no Maki Scroll Video
Thirteen Kinetic Movements
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